We are a team of unusual people driven by creativity, innovation, excellence and the sheer will to exceed standards. 

We have the privilege of working with contributory/guest writers who are Leaders in specialized fields; we also enjoy support from organizations and companies across industries.

The Original Street Hawker. The Hawker who inspired the TSH Logo.

The idea of The Street Hawker was conceived in 2005, out of passion for aiding the learning experience of developing economies and providing unlimited information across board - life, business and especially personal growth.

We had TSH Entrepreneur Magazine, the Nation's premier entrepreneurship magazine, which focused on enterprise development, financial management, profit solutions, entrepreneurial, leadership & personal development, and information technology. It also included other lifestyle segments, such as executive stress management, health & well-being and more.  

The Street Hawker has evolved with information technology and global trend with the Launch of THE STREET HAWKER MOBILE APP, accompanied by a revamped website, providing concise articles that fit into the mobile fast paced world.

We are back so we can be closer to you. 

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