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Dec 18


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

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Toyin Wura Oke


Darey Art Alade - The Rhythm & Blues Soul Crooner, With African Infusion

“I am humbled”

“I am solo. The band compliments my efforts. They are my backline, my backbone. We need to play live, to give people the real feel of music, which is where the direction of the Nigerian music is going now. People need to get the real thing, rather than cutting corners and performing CD’s, or renting a band.”

“I have a 14-man band - vocals, back up, percussionist, ‘gan-gan’, ‘omile’, bassists, ‘konga’ with our own equipment”.

- Dare

Q: It takes innovation and creativity to drive your art. Is it an infusion of local and foreign instruments?

A: Yes.

Darey is the rhythm & blues, soul crooner, with African infusion”.

A lot of music we hear now really started in Africa and made popular in the West. It makes it seem like we are borrowing Western culture, it actually belongs to us.

What I do is R&B with African vibes. We add our local groove and dialect, so that you represent your origin, not only for our people, but also for the rest of the world.

We sell the Nigerian culture; that is the message and image we try to portray.

About the ‘Brand and Band’…

The good thing is that the band can operate, without me. The band does not depend on me to perform. They are an entity by themselves. They do weddings, and all kinds of events.

When you want Dare, you experience something unique, something grand. It is better to have me with the live band, but of course, if you are on a low budget, we can work with you. We can do a CD or a small combination that is not the full band. We are malleable, you can bend us.

About Work/Life Balance - Entrepreneur/ Musician/Family Man/Compere/Celebrity

Deola & Dare Art Alade

Deola & Dare Art Alade

There is no formula - Take things in your stride and do things as a matter of priority.

If your child is sick, nothing else is more important at that time. Once the child gets well then you can go back to work.

“What we have control over is the hard work, but for where God takes us, we do not have control over”.

About the music business

I think there is the misconception, especially for people who are new in the music business; they think there’s big money connected to the Nigerian music because a lot of people are listening to Nigerian music and watching the videos.

The people who are doing well are driven by the love for music. You must keep practicing, rehearsing, and exercising hard work to deliver something better.

As with all businesses, sometimes it's good, and sometimes it is not so good. You have to be prepared and invest wisely so that at any point in time the money is coming in. You must also Diversify; do more things at the same time so that they can yield. What happens when no one likes you anymore, not because your music is not good, but someone better came along and everybody follows that person? It is like handling competition – by being consistent and ever improving, coming up with better music, better albums. You just have to stay relevant one way or the other.

About sales and distribution

There is no solid distribution network on ground here. You only find you have become popular without the income because of piracy. Everybody has your album, yet it does not show on income statement. Piracy would always do harm. If all big markets are flushed of piracy, and Government comes on board the entertainment scene, takes a stake off every CD/video sold, then there would be an obligation for it to work.


§  Continuous hard work

§  Believe and have faith in God

§  Get better and invest in yourself

“Once these things are in place the sky would be your starting point. We are not there yet. There is still more to do, more room to improve” – Darey Art Alade


Kwam 1 - King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal

Kwam 1 - King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal

Rania Odaymat, The Jewelry Artist, 2008