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Dec 18


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

Our choice to reach you via our website and mobile application, is to ensure we stay together remotely across the globe; hoping that it is a better experience than our previous print version.

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Toyin Wura Oke


 Funmi Iyanda, An Amazing TV Personality

Funmi Iyanda, An Amazing TV Personality

We celebrate Funmi Iyanda, an amazing Tv show host, mother, and woman of strength and passion for achieving goals.

Here are excepts of The Street Hawker's Talk with Funmi


Photo: Mousa Mousa

"I run a production company, I research and write for TV, magazines, l moderate conferences and seminars, and l speak on areas of media, youth, gender, development and emerging trends."

"NEW DAWN ran its course, eight years on a near daily basis is a long exhausting run especially as l was producing, presenting and running the company in the back end."  

"TALK WITH FUNMI was an amazing evolution that came about in a quest to get around some of the challenges of production we were facing. In the process we evolved something entirely new and uncharted."

She took the show to the people, rather than shoot at the studio. 

"I talk to people, great and small. If you look into the archives of NEW DAWN, l have interviews with people like iya eba the bukateria woman in Onikan, just like l have interviews with Madeline Albright, the former American Secretary of State." 

"I am interested in all people and the many layers to their stories. My job has always been to give expression to people especially those who are usually ignored."



Photo: Mutiu Okediran

"I was bored with the studio; l was also irritated with being typecast as a high fashion talk show hostess. I am first and foremost a journalist, an interviewer and storyteller with the training and aptitude for rigorous research, creative expression and a little subversion. I also love Nigeria as a geographic entity and our people aesthetically and emotionally." 



Photo: Mutiu Okediran

"My desire was to interpret Nigeria’s beauty, ironies and complexities in a creatively exciting and sociologically accessible manner. It was great that l found a kindred spirit inChris Dada my production partner and director. Hence the mad props, film like shoot, post production, and unobtrusive dialogue. We produced in a way that allowed us deepen and change the narrative for different audiences as required."

How she chose people and locations

"Research, gut instinct, ability to recognize and cast people correctly, and a deep cultural reference, pulled out of our collective experiences and confidence in the people we are."


"I am inspired by brave people who are doers and problem solvers."

On the Nation

"It is a flawed system, all systems are flawed, but the perfecting will come in active engagement of the people not apathy, fear or posturing."

On the Economy

"The Nigerian economy will only experience real impactful growth, when infrastructure for production of both tangible and intangible economic products and their distribution is significantly improved. There will also be need for banking reforms that are friendlier to entrepreneurs at different levels, as well as policies that stimulate job creation and production of good and services, including agricultural goods."

"To do all these, we require committed, exceptional leadership, to get that, we need an electoral system that allows participation of the brightest and best and gives the majority a fair chance to vote in such."


"I am not a dreamer, l am a doer. I never dreamt to be any of what l am today, l just get on with life, work on making meaning of my existence. Life is never about individual outcomes, but about the journey, the lessons and skills learnt along the way".


To the upcoming

"No one can anchor a show like mine, but they can anchor a show fit for their intentions, talents, training and opportunity." 
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