Death of a Brand 1

A brand is simply a promise kept.

There are many ways to kill a brand, business or even relationships. Here are a few ways to put an end to a potential 'good thing':

Promise &  Fail

There is no need to promise what you can not deliver. It is always better to 'under-promise' and 'over-deliver'. That is to give more than is being expected, rather than give below your promise or pledge. Many companies fail to deliver on their promises; this is the major cause of the death of a brand. During marketing campaigns, promises are made, and soon after, they are gone with the wind. Some companies receive payments for goods and services without any after sales help or support. 

 Image: kimberleeconwayireton

Image: kimberleeconwayireton

Non-Effective communication or No Communication is a Rapid Brand Killer.

You must acknowledge and reply your mails, messages, and telephone calls promptly and communicate clearly, stating your terms and intentions in simple terms, and facts that they must know in the course of the transaction.

Globally, it is expected that you reply mails within 24hrs, because technology has made it so easy to communicate, anything less gives an impression that your company does not deal with business promptly.

 Image: Lifehack

Image: Lifehack

Bad Brand Managers/Representatives

People that make brand management decisions may cause the untimely death of a brand. Getting the right person to manage your brand is as important as the people who work for your company. Your staff and everyone associated with your brand must look like your brand; they must be able to represent your brand values.

Bad Quality

Your brand must represent good quality and positive attributes, i.e good products and services.

No Online Presence/Advertising

Do not fail to advertise. Advertising does a lot more than turn in revenue, it keeps your brand in constant touch with its consumers. Stengthen your online presence; social media is not avoidable. 

While there are times when a brand must be put to death, there may be no need to kill a potential or thriving brand.

Look out for other factors that may kill your brand in Death of a Brand 2...soon.  

Give Your Brand Life!

Toyin W. Oke

Publisher, The Street Hawker


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