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Dec 18


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

Our choice to reach you via our website and mobile application, is to ensure we stay together remotely across the globe; hoping that it is a better experience than our previous print version.

We want to reach you wherever you are, and look forward to your feedback, so we can learn and share from you as well.

Toyin Wura Oke


Improve your Memory. One

There are factors that affect your memory

Bad for Memory

Drug and alcohol

Fatigue can affect your ability to take incoming information or retrieve stored information.

Stress and tension feelings of anxiety and/or depression can affect the ability to assimilate or store information and retrieve information.

Some medical conditions and drugs used for treatment can also affect your memory. 


Photo: shawellnessclinic.com

Photo: shawellnessclinic.com

Good for Memory

Exercise and good health are associated with better brain oxygenation.

Diet surely plays an important role in memory enhancement antioxidant for example are unknown as immune – boosting properties They are also key brain boosters, because they improve the flow of oxygen through the body by fighting free radicals.

Eating foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients also help to resist and combat disease that can affect your memory.       

Some of the best foods for memory enhancement are:

Whole grains, Sweet potatoes, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Tomatoes, Red cabbage, Straw berries, Olive oil, Fish, Avocado, Nuts



More tips

Pay attention to what you are learning or listening to and decide to remember it.

Storage seems to increase if we repeat out loud those things we want to recall

Teach someone else what you have learnt; you recite and understanding it more when you teach.

Make notes and remember the 7 items is the maximum your short term memory can hold

Make a list and go over it - you will get used to using lists and get better at it.










Think. Most Successes are a Result of Thinking