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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


The Magic of Rapport

THE MAGIC OF RAPPORT in building your Business Relationships

Rapport is when people meet and ‘click’ instantly, usually on discovery of things that they have in common.

It is the ability to find the common interests that forms the connection.

Rapport is the essence of successful communication and the art of learning to connect.

Learning, bonding, understanding, and winning the heart of that individual becomes the key to the success of the relationship (the mind usually justifies what the heart wants).

It is the ultimate tool for getting things done, and achieving results in your pursuits.

They say opposites attract, but in relationships, it is hardly so.

Why would you want associate closely with someone that hits your 'red alert' button often?

There are people that bring out the best in you and those that get at your weaknesses always. Building rapport with like minds, certainly, help you succeed 

When people are like each other, they tend to like each other.

Photo: the-international-entrepreneur.com

Photo: the-international-entrepreneur.com


For some people, building rapport is a natural practice. For others, it is a task or something that must be learnt and practiced.

Rapport is affected by words; things you say, tone of voice (volume and quality), and body language, facial expressions, posture, gesture and so on.

While words work on the person’s conscious mind, the physiology or body language works on the unconscious. A good combination of these creates an exceptional bond.

Imagine trying to sell a car to someone who thinks very fast. You must run through the features and benefits of buying/owning such a car quickly, rather than slowly taking your time to explain the features.

It is important to build the rapport quickly understanding the customer’s trait. Finding this trait is your responsibility from the first few minutes the client spends with you. Otherwise, you would loose him in his impatience and hasty nature; he may not give you the chance to take him through the transaction.

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