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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Have you Got Company or a Crowd? - Francis Bob Alonge

..what Kind of People are you Surrounded By? 

This is Chapter Nine of The Making of the Chosen Vessel, a book Written by Francis Bob Alonge

 A Great Book Indeed

 I hereby attempt to interpret this chapter by my understanding; working on it has liberated me so immensely, especially with the knowledge about handling and compartmentalizing relationships. - T.W Oke

Your crowd is your beneficiaries; they are the people to whom your life is a blessing, but your company is the people that help you to be a blessing.

Who do you turn to when it looks like all is crumbling around you? 

Your Company!

At times like that, your crowd will not be there for you because they are your Crowd!

You must be able to categorize those that surround you, so that you don't go to the wrong people for help. It only leads to frustration.

Your company will bear your burden as though it were theirs. It is a special gift from God to everyone. Your crowd is a gift as well, but for a reason and limited season.

The right company will cause good things to come your way. They inspire you and unlock your God-Given potentials, talents & gifts. They simply 'bring out the best in you.'

What is your company’s testimony about you; their words can make or mar!

The crowd can change at anytime, today, they say, you are wonderful; tomorrow they will say you are terrible.

Your company will prop you up when you are weak and help you when you are helpless. They wouldn’t give up on you, even when you have turned back, and would help you navigate another way out of bad situations.

Relationships with your company are not high maintenance. They are not people you need impress or work to please. They are people you are at ease with.

When you find yourself in relationships that make you lose yourself, and want you to be a certain way before you are accepted, resign quickly.

Your company does not compete with you; they complement and complete you.

Your company will cover your weaknesses, not amplify them; rather they project and celebrate your strengths.

Your company identifies, appreciates, and respects your assignment; they know who you are, accept who you are, and work towards helping you carry out your calling.

They do not judge you by your outward appearance, but understand the essence of your life.

People may say they love you, but if they don’t know who you are and they have no idea of your calling, they will make a mess of you.

Your company may not be a family member; your company is known by revelation, not by birth.

"There are other people whose entry into your life will cause degeneration. When the wrong people enter your life and take up the place of your company, wrong things will begin to happen" – Francis Bob Alonge


There are four kinds of people in your life; those who add, those who subtract, those who divide, and those who multiply.

Those who increase you are the people you need. They don’t mind giving you what you lack, and will always help you grow.

Those who take away from you will always need you. They want something from you most of the time, and may never be able to contribute anything tangible. Don’t despise them; do what you can for them without committing yourself. They are potential ‘time wasters.’ They will take your time, energy and resources and will leave when there is nothing left.

You need both kinds of people, but must know when to accommodate your crowd.

“Intimacy is a privilege reserved for your company. Guard your life by choosing your company circumspectly.”  

“Your company should not choose you, you should choose your company”

Those who divide are those who separate you from your company; when they step in, things head south. Whereas, when people that multiply you step in, your little appears like much.

There are three types of company, yesterday’s company, today’s company, and tomorrow’s company.

Photo: Digital Arts by David Osagie 

Photo: Digital Arts by David Osagie 

You must know when to let go of yesterday’s company and move into today’s company. Tomorrow’s company may also change if God changes your assignment.

“It is natural to want to bring your past company into your future, but people tend to freeze you at the level of their last interaction with you.”

“If you cherish your future, you will have to move with those who share your dreams, not your memories.”

Don’t build your future around your past; you must know when to let go of yesterday’s people and move on by ‘closing the door gently.’ 

Close the door gently?  

Yes, we need to close the door gently, and not slam doors; we need to let yesterday’s people go, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Do not close the doors with attitude, arrogance, or un-forgiveness.  Make sure you fulfill your commitments and promises.  

Close the door with truth and integrity.

Close the door with faith in your future.

Your life is not bound by your past. Let go of the missed opportunities of the past and look towards the future with hope.

Francis Bob Alonge is the Bishop and President of The Covenant Assembly Mission. He is a father and an Architect, married to Teju Alonge. Francis is 'The Voice of One' which is reaching out to Nations with a message of hope, empowerment, and transformation.

More chapters coming soon…


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