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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Finding Your Career Path

What could be more satisfying than finding your career path? 

The ultimate career path fuses your work with your passion. 

"No man is born into the world, whose work is not born with him” - James Russell

It's therefore your duty and responsibility to search yourself and discover the music within you.

There are two factors which greatly determine success or failure: the choice of a spouse and the choice of a career.

A career is an ambition, an occupation, a way of making a living, and a solution to problems. Doctors solve health problems, fashion designers solve clothing problems while lawyers solve legal problems.

Image: student caring

Image: student caring

Rabbi Zusya, a sage once remarked; "In the coming world they will not ask, "why were you not Moses? instead they would ask, why were you not Zusya?”.

Vocation doesn’t come from a voice out there calling me to become something I’m not, it comes from a voice out here calling me to become who I was born to be. Parents sometimes get it wrong when they try to define what they think their children should be. They try to live their own career dreams through the children.

Let’s get started


 “...It is a wonderful job. It is like a script or new novel. The feeling of an interesting book.There is untold satisfaction, joy and passion when you find your career niche. 

"I love my choice of career and I would live life just the same way, if given the opportunity over again”

- Kate Henshaw, one of Nigeria’s leading actresses.

A pointer to your possible career path is an activity you deeply care about. If money was not an issue, what would you rather be doing every day?

When you are passionate about what you do, you are likely to be on course with your career. Open your ears and hearts and hear the sound of your life.


This is a potent pointer to your productivity and success.

What do you do with little or no effort?”

I had the hobby of doing my own make up, and it just got really big. You can never tell where your talents and gifts will take you”

- Tara Durotoye, CEO House of Tara.

Ability...... What do you do excellently without much thinking or planning?


What do people say about you? This can also be a pointer to your career path. If you get comments like: 

”You sing excellently well"

"That was a delicious meal"

"That’s a great performance" 

"You are always fashionable and trendy”.

Pay attention to comments and testimonies about you, they may help in charting the path for your career.


Your childhood experiences can also serve as a clue to identifying your career path. Oprah Winfrey, an entrepreneur and broadcaster was abused as a child; but her past pains served as a  stepping stone for her career. Oprah's shows and initiatives are basically centered around helping people get over emotional trauma and pain.


 This is a feeling of strong emotion towards a particular activity.

"Passion gives rise to action” - Larry Izamoje, CEO of BRILA FM.

Tiger Woods comes alive when playing golf.

Asa is fulfilled performing as a musician..

Chimamanda is at her best when writing.

What were the activities you engaged in as a child that gave you enthusiasm?

As you search your past, you may find keys to the present to guide you into the future.


Your personality is your true self. Any career not accompanied by the individual's natural traits is probably not meant for them. Introverts are reserved and are often interested in the creative expression of their thoughts. While extroverts are more people and projects oriented; to them talking and relating with other people is the name of the game.

Dear reader, the world is waiting for you to tread your path

  - Ajose Kehinde






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