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Dec 18


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

Our choice to reach you via our website and mobile application, is to ensure we stay together remotely across the globe; hoping that it is a better experience than our previous print version.

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Toyin Wura Oke


Are We L.O.S.T

Are we Losing Out on Sacred Time

"The most important thing in life is the ability to stay afloat" -  TSC

Life never waits for anyone, and it doesn’t matter who you are!

Life keeps moving, and you have to meet up.

Every new year, we come up with New Year resolutions, or call them ‘fantasies’. Fantasies, because, half way into the year, they become distant stars; though not for the disciplined ones amongst us. 

Many of are LOST (Losing Out on Sacred Time). We watch time go by without much or any accomplishments at all

Many of us want to plan using diaries, calendars, note pads, to-do-lists, with colored pens and highlighters, but we still don’t succeed with using our time properly

Well, here are a few key points on how to master the art of time management:

Image: dhleonardconsulting

Image: dhleonardconsulting

· Categorize your to-do list to 3 major events, and tackle them. In addition, have a little treat or reward for yourself. It could be a music treat in-between work, a bar of chocolate, or a chilled drink upon task completion. 

Image: yourstory

Image: yourstory

· Get power nap (s) during the day, this is usually about 30 minutes. It helps your brain to relax and reboot.

Image: dailyinbox

Image: dailyinbox

· Cultivate the habit of brain challenging activities like math problems or writing an essay during the early hours of the morning because that is when your brain is at its peak.

· Avoid Fizzy drinks. They contain sugar, and if you don’t burn it, you are like a rocket about to be launched into space.

· Listen to music that will calm you. Such as, recommend, jazz, classical, and other soft/inspirational music.

Nothing is more rewarding than looking through your list and realizing that you have completed your tasks for the day.


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Ibrahim Olatunde




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