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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


A World Order in Coma?

At best Donald Trump has put a dampener on the so called new world order.  At worst he is simply killing it!

I'm really not surprised, especially as he came into office preaching "America first" and "America for Americans", basically advising everybody else to go help their own circumstances.

What ever happened to Ronald Reagan's Star Wars and his new world order? His, was truly going places, which is more than you can say about the Trump administration thus far.

Under President Trump's watch, the U.S Intelligence agency recently upset their British counterparts by the leakage of sensitive intelligence material concerning the Manchester bombing to the press. Thereby attempting to compromise the subsequent investigation; though Trump has since apologized. Earlier, President Trump himself had upset a number of US allies by discussing sensitive intelligence on ISIS with the Russians, and potentially exposing the identity of an Israeli mole working with ISIS.

Can we say President Putin of Russia may be one to look up to, somewhat? Up till now, he has stayed in the shadows, playing a delicate game with the Americans in Syria, and yet another game using his little ‘cousin’. North Korea.

Image: The Nation pk

Image: The Nation pk

North Korea has been a different kettle of fish. Insular as they present a throwback to the cold war days!  Economically unlike their brothers in the South, they have been counter-productive. We have not seen much manufacture goods coming from them. Purely military hardware and constantly threatening fire and brimstone, thereby destabilizing the entire region!

It appears President Trump is Operating from an "in your face" standpoint, regarding North Korea, even "threatening" to visit North Korea! More realistically, he is trying hard to get China to rein in the North Koreans. Again It may turn out to be a case of one insular country, North Korea against another one the US, attempting to go insular Trump style! It’s interesting for It is not in the American character to cut an insular pose.

Though Russia has not been able to make an economic impression on the world, like China has; its traditional strength has always been in the military and intelligence gathering. President Putin in this aspect now seems to be master of the game!

Up till now we can't really put a finger on what America's foreign policy under President Trump really is.

It appears the President would rather "roll with the punches", preferring to take things as they come.

Finally, you need to ask, where is Africa in all of these? We seem to be lost in space as we fight our own peculiar economic demons. The ‘Global Village’ now only ‘village’ with the Global knocked off, is fast reducing, and the gap between the Tesco market and our local market is much wider. We definitely no longer belong to the same market. More so now that President Trump insists on “everybody for himself, God for us all!”

- Barr. Stephen Olu Aluko


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