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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


What in the World is Going On?

Leadership in many African countries is under huge scrutiny. From Libya in North Africa, to South Sudan, Congo Democratic Republic, down to Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, South Africa and Kenya to mention a few.

Citizens are generally disillusioned by the quality of leadership they are experiencing, which stems  from issues relating to poor economic conditions, corruption, security, human rights violation, clannish nepotism and outright leadership incompetence being experienced in many of these countries.

The constitutional solution for the citizens, is to be patient, bid time and wait for the next round of elections, (which hopefully will be free and fair) to vote in new and hopefully more competent leadership. However, this has arguably proven not to be a meaningful solution. Just ask the average Nigerian Citizen for their opinion of this solution.

In light of this, and on a lighter note, isn’t it time we considered an outright outsourcing of leadership in some of these countries.? I have heard people argue about how they wished the colonialists waited a bit longer in some of these African countries before handing over power to the indigenes. They claim their countries would have experienced better development than they are currently experiencing. They compare pre-independence infrastructure erected by the colonialists with that put up after independence, and conclude that the earlier ones were of better quality and functionality. They compare the quality of the civil service, the military, education, health care, and general security. There is a strong argument that life was probably better during the colonial era. True/False?

Now, imagine these countries were blue chip business entities, with faulty unproductive management, stemming from several years of bad quality leadership; the share holders and promoters would be right to consider hiring or outsourcing some of the key roles and responsibilities to more competent hands outside of the company’s hierarchy, probably expatriate professionals. If this would work for them, why don’t we consider doing same for those countries that have been groaning for decades under the strain of poor leadership?

Image: newsheadlines

Image: newsheadlines

In Nigeria today, there’s a great 'hue and cry' about the state of the nation under the present leaders. All sorts of solutions are being proffered for future leadership, however one very critical possible solution is yet to be proffered…OUTSOURCING LEADERSHIP!

Interested nations may consider outsourcing their leadership to proven statesmen and past leaders of other countries or organizations, who have excelled at high levels of leadership. It will clearly do away with local sentiments, clannish nepotism, and tribal favoritisms presently being experienced in such countries.
However, it should be noted that the constitutions of most countries do not permit non-citizens to vie for political positions. Such countries, will require constitutional amendments should they consider outsourcing key leadership positions.

This is clearly “Food For Thought”…

Greatness has proven to come out of “innovation” and “creative thinking outside the box”


Image: frequencyleap

Image: frequencyleap


Terence McArthur

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