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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Mango with French Meringue - Cuisine - Chez Victor

Mango with French Meringue

2 white of egg

50g sugar

Slice mango into halves, remove the flesh (in cubes or round shapes).

Whip the white of egg until it starts to turn white in colour, then add the sugar and continue to whip until it turns into a meringue paste.

Fill the paste into a plastic sachet, cut off one small corner and squeeze the paste into the empty mango skin (see picture for shape).

Place the mango with the meringue paste under the grill (very hot, about 180°) and roast until the top of the meringue turns golden. Stay near the grill, as this might take less than a minute.

Add the removed mango cubes into the skin, near the golden meringue.

Bon appetit from Chef Victor.











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