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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Unlock Your Beauty - Tara Durotoye - House of Tara

Photo: corporate.houseoftara

Photo: corporate.houseoftara

I see, you see, we all see. This is the never changing ability of the eyes. Being one of the most vital facial features, we can hardly do without it. It is one exciting feature a makeup artist can’t do without. The eye makeup is one of the most important steps to a great makeup or makeover. With the eyes, you either look dull or vibrant, innocent or show girly. Your eyes are the window to your soul and should be enhanced with great care and knowledge.

The eye makeup is the best way to show your personality” (Laura Mercier, professional makeup artist) It is also the best way and place to display your creativity in the eye of makeup. The eyes, for ladies, are the most flirtatious feature and they are the one place on your face where almost anything in terms of colour goes. Whether you go for lush eyelashes, spellbound eyebrows (the brook shields signature) or beautiful washes of shadow on your eyelids, your makeup says so much about you and your style. The eye makeup should emphasize both the shape and the natural colour of the eye.

Photo: houseoftara

Photo: houseoftara

In the world of makeup, the eye area is always the popular choice for the use of color. However, a little touch goes a long way and it doesn’t matter the colors you choose, attention will immediately be drawn to the colored areas. There is really no rule to what kind or what color of eye shadow to purchase. There are dozens of eyeshot shapes and colors and each can affect a completely different mive. Remember this: practice, passion, persistence and more practice makes perfect. Loosen yourself from that oh-I-like-that-go-natural-look to a freer, give-color-a-chance look. Now dear, do not get this all wrong and don’t go coloring yourself up. If you do, do not expect attention; expect a catastrophe. This edition, I write about step-by-step ways in which you can achieve three different looks::the natural subtle eye makeup, the dramatic and then more drama .Do enjoy and above all, practice ,practice, practice.

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