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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Your Promise - Living & Loving with Jerome Yaovi Onipede


Do I fail to keep my promises? Well sometimes, but not all the time, and whenever I don’t keep a promise, it never leaves my mind, because I know someone, somewhere is depending on working with the promise I made. You will be surprised though how so many people reading this now, and others out there too, are actually waiting, and depending on a promise someone made to them.

Some have to discontinue a process/course, because continuity for them depends on a promise kept. Others are assured that everything will turn out right just because they trust us in keeping the promise we made. So you are important to someone right now, and the promise you made is also very important.

Image: gaia adage

Image: gaia adage

Are you aware that so many lives are ruined everyday just because someone made a promise, and was unable or refused to keep it? Maybe we need to know at this point that so many people that we make promises to don’t have a plan B, and when we don’t keep our promise to them, they are thrown into confusion, panic or chaos. Take for example when you take your Marriage vows at the Altar, you are actually making a promise, or a set of promises. Most reasonable spouses are never looking at whom or where to go back to if the marriage doesn’t work, because deep down in their minds, they believe, 'THIS IS IT!' And that’s why you may have seen during the taking of the marriage vows, both or one of the people making this vow have tears in their eyes, because they cherish that moment, and believe every single promise made to them at that time, and look forward to its fulfillment.

Image: brand-quarterly-veseycreative

Image: brand-quarterly-veseycreative

Do you know that when promises are kept, living and loving becomes much easier, and life becomes a joy, because there is a constant flow of goodness, rather than evil? Think about it, and you will realize that everything about life is based on a promise; promise of a better tomorrow, promise that the newly wedded couple will live happily ever after, promise that our new born child will always be a joy to us even when he or she becomes an adult, promise that the next election will give us better leaders to govern us, promise that employers will pay their employees the right wages and at the right time, promise that everything God has said to us will come to pass, promise that there is a better life awaiting us after death, etc. So you see, our lives revolve around a promise or promises, and imagine how fulfilling our lives can be when these promises are kept.

Image: raindropsandwellingtons

Image: raindropsandwellingtons

Are there promises that people have made to you, but could not keep? How much did it really affect you? Do you still suffer from the aftermath of such? If you have not been able to move forward with your life after that, I suggest you consult a professional that can help you move forward, because so many beautiful moments are still ahead of you. And if you, like me have made promises to people, and have sometimes not been able to keep them, and its affecting you emotionally, then may I suggest you buckle up, and make a decision to do so no matter what it may cost you, because the more we delay keeping a promise, the harder it becomes to fulfill. However it may help you to eventually do so when you focus on how grateful the other person may be for keeping your promise to them. Don’t forget that keeping your promise to others can define or redefine their lives. You never know how far keeping your promise to just one person, can affect a whole community. Most importantly though, always remember that keeping your promise will also bring you to a place of rest, and you can be free from guilt. The promises we keep today, can open doors where we least expect it tomorrow.

Image: lauriecalzada

Image: lauriecalzada

 Jerome Yaovi Onipede is a Personal Counselor, Relationship Coach & Matchmaker 


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