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Dec 18


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The Weight Loss Mind Workout Part 2

The Weight Loss Mind Workout Part 2

Hello my Amazing People,

This is the concluding piece of ‘The Weight Loss Mind Workout’. In this article, we shall look some pertinent questions we need answered, that can help you succeed in a weight loss program. Some important considerations are also earmarked in the article:

Are you Patient?

Now this is a massive issue, for those who have had to lose weight the right way. This is the slow, sometimes painful and gradual way of doing it.  Losing weight does not happen overnight, and the entire process can be frustrating. I normally start off losing a lot of weight in the beginning, and then I get to a point where I am neither adding nor shedding pounds, which is when the disappointment sets in. I start to feel I am not doing the right things, but when I remember how hard I have worked, and the nights of thighs, arms, knees and side pains that i had to experience, I realize it would be unwise to give up, and I don't, and slowly but surely I start losing pounds again. Patience is a massive part of weight loss, and if you are not willing to endure, till you win, you will be faced with a long road of starts and stops, and might end up giving up. Think about it.

image: shutterstock

image: shutterstock

Can you Handle Spectators?

Believe it or not, the moment you commence a weight loss journey, you are going to gain an audience, which builds up as you lose weight. Have you ever experienced a time during a weight loss journey, when you get comments like “Please stop, you are losing too much weight?” Typically during your weight loss journey, you are bound to receive many comments, but you have to make up your mind that no matter the number of positive or negative comments you receive, you have a goal to achieve and that's your focus.

Once you achieve your goals, are you ready for the changes, and can you handle them?

plus size.jpg

Apart from gaining confidence, feeling healthier, fitting into clothes half your size, not being called 'FAT', and having `half the guys you had crushes on finally noticing you, weight loss tends to expose issues, than triumphs for people who cannot handle the changes , especially the emotionally issues which can include:

  • The attention being overwhelming
  • You become vulnerable and live life worrying about the implications of adding back the weight. This can lead to an obsession to keep your weight in check.
  • You may end up being self-absorbed, confidence can go as far as cocky
  • Some may even alienate those who loved them the weight loss.
  • It may even cause you to act unkindly to people who were not as nice to you when you were bigger.

And finally,

Do you love yourself?

Weight loss can change your life, it could even help in adding years to it, but it will not change you. Weight loss will not make a wicked person, kind, it will not make an insecure person, secure, it will not destroy any ‘bad luggage’ in your life, or the personal battles you may face. So if you succeed or are succeeding as you read this article, it is important to know that loving yourself is a verb that you must have lived by long before undertaking your weight loss journey. 

All these thinking tasks are just the beginning, there is the work, and the diet, and so much more.

Being a plus size, has taught me to appreciate people more, be less judgmental, and love everyone for who they are, I truly hope this article helped in more ways than one.




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