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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


How Do I Find The Right School For My Child?

“I can't find a good school anywhere.”
“Am I sure this school is right for my child?”
“I need a school that will take the stress of me and take care of my child.”

These are questions parents ask teachers, friends and other family members from time to time. 
Some parents are looking for a school with a difference. 

Below are 3 different categories of parents; if you are a parent, you should fit into one:
1. Some parents look for a school that would fit their social status, and perhaps for the purpose of business ties, opportunities or perhaps networking.
2. Some look for a good school with a good academic curriculum/structure, extra-curricular activities and a good SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) Curriculum platform.
3. Some parents look for a school that focuses on strong academics only. 
“...don't worry about social and emotional development. We will cross that bridge when we get there," they say.


It's Scribble here again. Finding the right school can be a huge task, if you don't know what to look out for. 
The above list is just a summary of points parents have to ponder upon when looking for a school. 
‘Different strokes for different folks.’ However, lets examine some impeccable qualities a good school MUST have to foster an independent, intelligent and informative scholar. (3 I's).
1. Habit of Leadership
2. Analytical Aptitude and Appetite
3. Engaged Community Citizenship
(Harvard Business School MBA section)

Let's breakdown these 3 qualities and apply them to a school that is meant to produce scholars that can compete anywhere and everywhere. Mind you, we are only looking at number one today.

Habit of Leadership
A school MUST have a system, program, syllabus or scheme of work to foster a leader. Leaders are not forged in warm furnaces; therefore opportunities such as the following can be imbibed.
1. Scholars should be allowed to become prefects at some stage in school regardless of behaviour.
2. Scholars should understand the attributes of being a follower first before becoming a leader of any group.
3. Scholars should be groomed in proper etiquette standards.
4. Scholars should be given the opportunity of express their opinions and stand firmly by facts.
5. Scholars should be given the opportunity to grow Team Spirit mentality.

These 5 tips are not the only yard stick. I am sure there are more we can add to the list. However, if you are struggling to find a good and decent school, no matter its location, fees or opportunities, have these 5 questions or tips in mind.

Scribble (Olatunde Balogun)

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