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Dec 18


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

Our choice to reach you via our website and mobile application, is to ensure we stay together remotely across the globe; hoping that it is a better experience than our previous print version.

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Toyin Wura Oke


When it Seems Like You Are Losing Out - Ibrahim Olatunji

I write this short piece out of affection, love and passion, also with panic and fear of what our children will become once they hit 10+.

Photo: Devianart

Photo: Devianart

"It's time to go home" said the school security man. 

Sarah looked at the time and snobbishly dashes for her classroom, to join Jane and Peter, so that they could chat and then go watch the basket ball game.
Sarah obviously wasn’t ready to go home. 
Hanging out with her friends was more important than going home as mum instructed.


My name is Scribble and I am here again with words of encouragement as regards the task of raising our children.

Have you noticed the following traits as your child hit 10+ 

  • They Confide in friends, instead of YOU.
  • They tend to be independent at learning even when you offer to help with homework knowing that he/she might be struggling with it.
  • They acting before thinking as pointed out in the above scenario.

This topic is very crucial and dire, because without help our parenthood will be put to the test. 

Below are some handy tips, while we are on the journey of parenting our pre-teens:
1. Never assume you know your children 100%. Remember, they are growing and will most likely pick up different behaviors as they go along. Always approach your children expecting to learn something or discover something new each time.
2. Be close. Be friends. 10+ children need friends; you may not be able to breach some gaps if you treat every issue from a parent’s point of view. This does not mean they wont rebel. 
3. Set boundaries and be firm. Pre-teen will always push boundaries. 
Establish who the ‘boss’ is. Who is in charge?  
Always reprimand and let them understand you are in charge. 
However, do it with love so that they come to terms with respecting authorities.

These are just tips from Scribble, the School teacher

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