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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Paupiettes of Sol Fish in Lobster Coulis

Image: The Street Hawker Archive

Image: The Street Hawker Archive


4 large filets of Sol fish

700g lobster

200g prawns

4 medium size prawns for garnish

50cl cooking oil

50g salted butter

20g butter for marinade

1 teaspoon of tomato puree

2 teaspoons of fresh tarragon

2 red onions (sliced)

2 carrots

2 peeled fresh tomatoes (in cubes)

Half teaspoon chopped garlic

2 bay leaves

2 soup spoons of Brandy (optional)

1 glass of white wine (optional) or 1 glass of fish stock

4 glasses of fish stock

Salt & pepper


A perfect sauce is the secret of good cuisine; you will spend a little time on this sauce. Clean the lobster and the prawns and cut the lobster into medium sized dices, leaving the lobster flesh on the shell. Keep on the side. Put butter and oil in a pre-heated saucepan on low heat and wait until oil and butter melt together. Add the tomato puree, the sliced onions, the fresh tomato cubes, garlic and bay leaves, and cook for 6 minutes. Add the wine or fish stock, continue cook until your sauce has a sweet taste. Add the Brandy and cook for another 4 minutes.

Place the sea food dices and the tarragon in the sauce, cook until you smell that lovely fishy flavour steaming out of the saucepan, then add the remaining fish stock and leave on low heat until the lobster and prawns are very soft. Take the saucepan from the fire, remove the lobster meat from the shell, and place the sauce in the blender until very smooth. Leave the sauce to cool. Once cool, filter the sauce through a clean cotton towel and squeeze until the last drop. Return the sauce into the frying pan and cook until the sauce has syrup-like consistency (‘coulis’). Leave at room temperature.

Put salt & pepper on the Sol filets and rub in the butter. Place filets on a baking tray, and bake it in pre-heated oven at 190 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. Serve the fish with your lobster coulis and your favourite vegetables, with buttered warm brown bread.

Bon appetit from -

Chef Victor

7 Ganges Street. Maitama.


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