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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Learning from the Eagle - Bimbo Manuel, Renowned Actor & Writer

I was watching a short film on the life of an eagle. It was a transfixing piece. 
The Eagle, powerful bird, able to live up 75-80 years; at between its 35th to 40th year, it must renew itself or die, because it's feathers lose their oil and become fixed making flight difficult to take flight. It also loses speed.

Photo: answersafrica

Photo: answersafrica

Its talons and beak, one of its greatest attributes and primary hunting tools, become old and crooked, and ineffective for grabbing and tearing. At this point the Eagle makes a painful critical decision to undergo renewal, a rebirth, a rejuvenation. 

It withdraws to its eyrie high up in the mountains, and begins the slow process. It sheds its feathers, becoming naked and waiting patiently, while fresh ones grow back. 
It sheds its talons to grow back new ones, and then strikes its beak against the rock repeatedly, till it comes off, a very painful process. 

A new beak grows back and soon the magnificent killer in the skies, the lion of the clouds soars again, stronger, more powerful, surer, keener, ready to live another 35 to 40 years. 

If only we take time to look, listen and learn, even the smallest things teach us lessons of life...not that the Eagle is a small bird, it is a very big bird that teaches a big lesson. Good morning.

- Bimbo Manuel
Actor & Writer


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