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Dec 18


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Keys to Irresisible Favour -Dr. Temi Odejide

I felt I was running a small risk titling this article as I have; because favour is a word so often used in Christendom, that it is almost seen as a Christian word. It is not essentially a Christian word. Everybody needs favour!

Photo: Chronicle

Photo: Chronicle

Discuss with any successful man or women at the pinnacle of their chosen profession, and you will find that all without exception at one point or another have been beneficiaries of one favour or another in their climb to notoriety. Someone opened a door? or a window! Someone put in a good word. Someone mentioned an opportunity and that was it. Favour is an essential indispensable ingredient for lasting success. The problem with favour is in its definition. Favour is unmerited and undeserved help. Some people call it a 'stroke of luck.' Favour therefore being unmerited, and often perceived as undeserved, becomes essentially unpredictable? or is it? I beg to differ to the common view of favour.

Favour is not a good luck charm that some have and some do not!

Favour is not nebulous karma. In my study of successful people, I have found that they have been great recipients of favour. Was this just luck, happenstance, coincidence or was this the result of certain practices that these success people engaged in?

I have come to believe that favour is available and accessible to everyone whatever you chosen field of endeavour. I believe that there are key practices that cause favour to present itself to you regularly!

Be Excellent

 ...I patronized a friend's carpentry shop and bought a chair and a table. When I got home I found out that the chair was actually a 'rocking chair' because the legs were not even. Two months down, the wood used for the began to show signs of termite infestation! Of course I won't be visiting shop again!

When I get what I paid for, on time, in top quality I will be back with others. It is that simple!

If I stumble on to a chance to make reference, it would be in favor of that less than excellent friend. I will recommend another excellent interior designs/carpentry expert down the road. You would then say that that person is favoured...

Be Positive

...You must believe that there is always a way forward. Years ago my father said something to me that stuck; he said, "Never let your first response be no. There is always a way" 

Don't always see how it will not work. See how it can work. 

Being positive entails being helpful. Give advice and counsel freely. Assist liberally

You might not be the one to help directly, but you might be able to direct the person to where he or she can get the needed help. You have to learn to be positively conversational...

 Be Generous

...This is just unbridled generosity. Well, whether you like it or not, the generous man is retained in the mind of the recipient of that generosity. In the day of favour, he will remember the giver. 

The stingy often starve in the midst of plenty. Whether right or wrong, I have noticed that the gateman is more ready to open the gate for the generous visitor than the visitor that does not realize that he even exists. Being generous is not really about having much.

If you can be generous with little, you will soon have more than enough to share.

 Ask for it

...If you have been living the lifestyle of the earlier three keys: You are excellent in your chosen field of endeavour, you have a consistently positive disposition, and you are all round generous, then when you ask for favours, you will almost always get it. 

Always ask for a discount. I have found that even millionaires always ask for a discount. Even if you are refused now, next time, they will feel a need to oblige you. How many favours have you missed simply by not asking. I have found that even five star Hotels that run a weekend rate of 50% discount may not give you the discount if you do not ask...


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