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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Industrial Skill Acquisition - Custard Production



It is pertinent to emphasize the fact that small scale industries and businesses are crucial to the rapid development of a nation as long as a huge fraction of the population is involved. This can be attested to by the Japanese, Chinese and even the developed countries of Europe. It is said that puddles make up pools and pools make up rivers which can flow towards a direction to form oceans and seas. In the same vein, `pocket’ industries or home based industries , which can be classified under cottage industries, can also produce goods and services that can boost a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), increase her export capacity and also raise her peoples’ standard of living as far as they are properly harnessed.

All these can be made possible if the developing nations can create the necessary environment that can engender the proliferation of these small scale industries. The necessary environment calls for

  • The multiplication of true micro finance banks that will make available the necessary funds to the qualified and willing individuals or groups to start up small scale industries.

  • Awareness campaigns for the need to move from being “slaves” to being“masters”  that is from employees to employers (entrepreneurial development)

  • The encouragement of industrial skills acquisition in schools ( primary, secondary and higher institutions) and also on youth camps

  • Subsidies made by the government on industrial chemicals.

The government of Nigeria has made quite an effort to create the favourable environment for the formation of small scale industries. This she has done through the formulation of micro finance bank and training agencies. However, more need to be done with regards to industrial skills acquisition training. 


Photo: nigeriabusinessportal

Photo: nigeriabusinessportal

Custard is a whole starch meal that is made from corn starch and Tapioca starch (cassava). It is a product of American origin served popularly as a breakfast meal because of its high energy nutrient and its ease of preparation. It is best served hot or warm, with the addition of sugar and milk. Below is a recipe and process procedure for the manufacture of custard floor (corn or cassava starch)

NB: Corn or cassava intended for custard production should meet export standard for packaged foods which is listed as

a. Ultrafine and white starch

b. Free from micro organisms

c. Free from chemical contaminants


       i. Corn/cassava starch

      ii.  Flavour

    iii.   Colour (egg yellow)

     iv.  Sugar

       v.  Sterile clean water

     vi. Vitamin mix (A,B,C)


 i.   Weigh 1000g corn/cassava starch

ii.   Weigh 5g flavour

iii. Weigh 3g colour

iv. Weigh 100g sugar (variant)

v. Weigh 1000g sterile clean water

                vi. Weigh 10g vitamin mix

 Mixing procedure:

 i. Dissolve flavour and colour in 100g of clean sterile water

ii. Dissolve sugar and vitamin mix in 200g of clean sterile water. Pour both mix in a bowl and mix

iii. Put starch in clean stainless steel bowl and introduce liquid mix: colour, flavour, sugar, vitamin mix ) while mixing the starch to properly homogenize

iv.  Introduce into drying oven of between 50-600c until moisture loss of 95% is attained

v. Remove from oven and mill to powder

vi. Package in beautiful cellophane packs or plastic container. Label and pack in paper cartons.

vii.            Store in cool dry warehouse

prepared by Ani, Victor. O for AMBER-WHEELS


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