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"The app industry has taken the world by storm, creating a micro-economy in its own right and creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of talented professionals worldwide. A successful app can now be the difference between complete anonymity and global digital fame." - Matt Miller, co-founder of London studio ustwo.  

It is a world of apps. There are millions of apps at the stores for just about anything. They have made mobile devices much more valuable; pack with possibilities beyond imagination.

We have a discovery of apps here; nominate yours!

Never pick a bad bottle of wine again! Vivino is the world’s largest wine community. Simply take a photo of any wine label, and instantly see wine ratings, reviews, average price, tasting notes and food pairings, hit the green buy button to have it shipped to your door, then, you may add your own reviews and ratings.
• Easily keep track of wines you like and discover new recommendations
• Save the bottles you purchase so you always know what’s in your cellar
• Never pick another bad bottle of wine again!

Genius Scan is great office-on-the-go companion; it turns your device into scanner,  so you can quickly scan documents and email the scans as JPEG or PDF.

 image: cnnmoney

image: cnnmoney

The Street Hawker is a resource hub for knowledge driven and aspiring individuals.


Runmeter tracks just about everything there is to track during your outdoor workouts - pace, distance, location (if turned on) and more stats than you need!



Keep ahead of road conditions with Waze. Benefit from more than 100 million drivers sharing road information with each other. Even when you know how to get to where you are going, let Waze offer you the best route, to avoid traffic and other conditions. 

genius scan.png

Smooth Radio is great when you need great old tunes  that relaxes and calms you.


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Re: Weight Loss Mind Workout - My Experience

Ms. Faith Nte wrote a brilliant piece titled 'Weight Loss Mind Workout'; I posted a comment in response, and thought a full version to express my experience on the subject is necessary. (link below).

The Weight Loss Mind Work Out


Dear Faith, I feel you. Happiness is from within. We must be happy in our skin, when we are not, we must do something about it. Everyone has the will to do as they desire; Will Power must be exercised most times during our life's journey. 

I have my experience from weight loss. I realized that the pounds had to go when my knees began to hurt when climbing the stairs. I knew I had to get fit.

I was fine with my looks and didn't care, but my health wasn't having it. 

Then, I began; first was a research, because all the different weight loss advice and products didn't help. I needed to understand the 'technology' of weight loss. 

Girl, did I get information! 

Everything I did before would never have worked; I will briefly share some of my discoveries.

Firstly, Weight Loss is a decision and would not work when there is no determination and discipline.



It is a new life, and new ways must be adopted to keep the weight off.

The sliming teas and diet plan will only assist to make weight loss easier; however the individual has the most part to play.

For People that have decided to lose weight...Can you try out a new lifestyle?

Would you begin with a 3-month hard reset - Just for a quick and drastic drop...and then go easy after.

This is a kickstart only for the 'desperate to lose weight'

  • Let's begin with the health of your colon - disease begins when your colon is dis-eased, and you may not know it. The colon carries some of the fiercest junk and decayed left overs from weeks and months of residue ingested food. We need to clean out those pipes regularly, and I suggest best before a weight loss regime. There are many colon cleaners available over the counter at drug stores. follow instructions or ask your doctor.  
  • Take junk out of your refrigerator, because you will only eat what you have.
  • Go for fresh healthier grocery
  • Zero carbs! No rice, no potatoes, no pasta etc
  • No sugar - (sugar has huge calories and It is an enemy of youthful skin)
  • No Alcohol
  • No sodas or packaged drinks
  • Warm water with a slice of lemon to start and end the day 
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily.


  • Take small bites and chew as much as you can, like 30-50 times or more. As for our 'swallow' meals in Africa; garri, semovita, tuwo and so on; hmm, our teeth were made to chew and breakdown food well enough, before the intestines take over the process of digestion; but in this case we don't chew before we swallow. The intestines have to work hard to break-down the food, causing the tummy to protrude, till the job gets done over a longer period, then, a pot belly emerges with a constant repeat of this exercise..  

I guess we can't eliminate 'swallow' in our part of the world, but we may give the intestines less work to do, by taking smaller bits rather than large lumps. We should also try to chew it just a little bit before swallowing.

  • Put down your cutlery after each mouth full 
  • Do not swallow until your food is in liquid form
  • Try to eat your meal in half an hour, not 'vacuum' it, the way I used to. I could it so quickly and on the go. I used to think eating was such a waste of time.
  • Eat nothing raw (salads, fruits etc) after 4pm. They don't digest quickly, and will only ferment and bloat up your tummy with gases. 
  • At least 15-30mins of exercise daily - walking or dancing is great. Dancing works for me when you can't go outdoors - I walked 1hr daily/7days/2years - then dropped to 1hr daily/6day/1year - then 1hr daily/5days - it became a habit and my quiet, getaway time. I looked forward to it; I missed it when I had to travel and I'll dance instead. 
  • Stop eating when you are full. You don't have to empty your plate
  • Eat very Light dinner - avoid snacking; if you must; try unsweetened yoghurt or dried fruits and nuts (not peanut, macadamia or other very oily nuts ) almonds, cashews and pistachios are good. 
  • Last meal 3-4 hrs before bedtime. Everyone's bedtime is different. 6pm myth is unrealistic for most people, especially, nocturnal people. 
  • May I add that I discovered some Anti-aging foods. 


Walnut and most other nuts

Brightly colored fruits and veggies, such as red bell peppers, spinach, sweet potato, mangoes, paw paw, kiwi, pomegranates and all berries. 

Avocado, tomatoes, stevia - sugar substitutes, oatmeal, sesame and pumpkin seeds, and Green tea


Stay out of the sun

Smoking ages you

Exercise a little daily

Reduce stress

Sugar ages you rapidly.

These worked for me and other desperate people like me. I hope you are desperate enough to dare! 

Looks like keeping the weight off must come with a constant reminder, or shall I call it awareness.



I dropped from a sixteen to ten-twelve in two years. Take your time and make it a lifestyle. After the hard reset, you can cheat once in a while, but you know you must burn the calories you acquired right after that. 

There is no magic to weight loss. It is an effort like other ventures we dare!

Let's give it a shot.

Toyin Wura Oke

Publisher, The Street Hawker

Could Your Investment in Experiences Be a Secret to Happiness?

Experiences bring more happiness than possessions. True?

I think people should consider buying experiences rather than possessions.

Over the years, research has shown that experiences bring about more happiness than possessions. It appears that purchasing experiences have more potential of providing satisfaction than material purchases. Professor Thomas Gilovich has done extensive work on how this happens. 

Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods. You can really like your material stuff. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. In contrast, your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences.
 Image: potentash

Image: potentash

- Gilovich

In the journal, Psychological Science, Gilovich, Killingsworth, and Amit Kumar, concluded that spending money on experiences provide more enduring happiness; citing anticipation/hope as the main driver of happiness...Yes, the Holy book says Romans 5 ... :"We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. 4 And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. 5 And this hope will not lead to disappointment." Obviously, the joy of anticipation, day-dreaming, and 'looking-forward-to' the experience can keep you going. Hope is medicine for the soul! That is probably why Proverbs 13: 12 says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life."

I am wondering if the benefits of spending money on an experience accrue before the actual purchase or 'trip' has been engaged? Hmm, I think so. More so, after the 'trip,' concert, adventure, movie, cruise and so on, have been experienced. It can also be considered as an investment, whereby you bank memories so that you can draw from there when happiness depletes hopefully momentarily. 

 Cuba, my best friend's dream place to be. It won't be bad to get a feel of the ancient nature of the place before colonialism hits them. Image: ncl

Cuba, my best friend's dream place to be. It won't be bad to get a feel of the ancient nature of the place before colonialism hits them. Image: ncl

Sometimes you shut your eyes and smile, when you look through your minds' eyes, you get rejuvenated; you look back into memories of past events that brought you joy! This is a useful tool in times when you are not so happy or 'when the going gets tough'. 

 I can't Forget what my experience at the conservatory in Praslin; the fact about Coco Der Mer... the wonder nut, only found in Seychelles. Image: newtonsapple

I can't Forget what my experience at the conservatory in Praslin; the fact about Coco Der Mer... the wonder nut, only found in Seychelles. Image: newtonsapple

The Chinese seem to be in full swing on this; they buy experiences now more than ever. They want to travel, know cultures, foods, people and so on from other parts of world. The Americans are fast catching up as well.

Some luxury or mere possession is good for desire, but even better when you develop your knowledge bank through experience, exposure, and new learning. After all, anticipating an experience elicits more happiness than waiting for a new purchase; of course the excitement leaves soon after the purchase is made, then, off we go to our next desire and acquisition. In the case of an adventure or cruise for example, the memories of splendor lingers on.

 I want to see the Flamingos at Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Image: mnn

I want to see the Flamingos at Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Image: mnn

What's the use being surrounded by good stuff and not having the wealth of experiences to share, such that others can learn through them as well. Call it hindsight, which has the potential of  helping you see, using someone else's rear view mirror. Talk about seeing what others don't see and hearing what others don't hear.

 Oh Yes! La Digue...if my eyes could speak. At times I am upset, I go into my closet of memories, I shut my eyes, and I smile...

Oh Yes! La Digue...if my eyes could speak. At times I am upset, I go into my closet of memories, I shut my eyes, and I smile...

To me, it all sums up to power and upward motion through knowledge; knowing/experiencing what others haven't. This brings a certain level of energy, strength, and confidence. I found a story about Fred Finn, the man flew Concorde 718 times! Now, that is power. Richard Branson had to find him.

With all the money in the world, those that didn't fly Concorde, can not fly Concorde...Glad I got a few chances; Talk about power through experiences. Being able to experience street food, perhaps roasted corn and 'pear' in Senegal or Lagos is awesome. Power! 

So, shall we buy experiences rather than possessions?

What are your Thoughts? I look forward to your comment below.


Toyin W. Oke

Publisher, Chief Editor

"Your experiences determine who you become, just as your past experiences have formed part of who you are." - TWO

When Do You Arrive?

Arriving when you are required to be there speaks a lot about your values. 
In Japan arriving late to close a meeting may result in the deal being cancelled completely. 
They reason that, if a business partner comes late to a meeting, he would also not keep to the terms of the agreement!

 Image: hexus

Image: hexus

CREDIBILITY MATTERS - It shows a very strong value system and a great connection between keeping to time and keeping your word.

Improving Your Sales Tactics

I read a simple book on building a business by Caspian Woods, that opened my understanding to many issues on business. It explains that most people do not buy things the first time they hear of it (except of course spontaneous shoppers).

I tell my clients that it is important for their businesses to always be in the consumer’s face as many times as possible, so that there is a constant reminder of their brand. I also say that marketing is about being focused and ‘pounding’ on your selling points until you are able to win your customer.

 Photo: associacaoamigosdagrandeidade

Photo: associacaoamigosdagrandeidade

Definitely, being aggressive will not work most times, but, being assertive, and gently tactfully keeping up with your marketing pitch. I tell my staff not be disappointed or feel rejected when turned down but get up and ‘pound’ again. 

Awareness is what you create the first time your product is heard of. The second time, you create interest; and he third time you create a desire for your product, and by the forth time, customers take action.

In a nutshell, most sales come after the forth contact with your prospect.

"It is not over until the fat lady sings."

It is over when you get a sale commitment.

Take your sales process through, so that you don't terminate the prospective transaction by giving up prematurely. Ensure that you follow up on every prospect.


...And Money Cometh!

Adopting the 'Multiple Income Streams' Concept

I was involved in a discussion with some friends some time ago, and on the subject of the economy today, it was concluded that we must take steps to ensure a good financial standing.

One of the things that we agreed: For us to be afloat, we must be involved in ventures that provide income from several streams year round. It is simply, adopting the concept of ‘multiple income streams,' which is a form of diversification; this could be likened to planting different seeds that yield fruits in different seasons. 

 Photo: playbuzz

Photo: playbuzz

There are three types of income:

Active Income - Income for which services have been rendered, such as salaries, tips, commissions, and income from businesses in which you have put in your time or resources.

Passive Income - Earnings from rent, limited partnership or other enterprise in which you are not actively involved. Others are, Income from investments, such as dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains.

Income Streams
Getting a full time job is an income stream. A part-time job while you run your business is also a way of getting additional income

Investing in stocks – This is a viable place to make investments with fair return, although it has risks like any other.

Partnerships – Finding good partnerships in ventures with other people is a way to diversify. These are times when you may not have to invest money, but skills, time, talent, professionalism. It may also be something you have already in your possession, such as equipment, cars, furniture and so on.

Consultancy – You can provide services that yield return in your area of expertise, which may not necessarily affect your primary job. A lawyer may provide counsel for a fee.

Brokerage – You could use your contacts to bring people and resources together for a fee. There are people who do nothing but broker deals and get a piece of the action; sometimes without moving an inch from their comfort zones!

Talent Trade – If you have a talent that can be exchanged for money, go for it! You could be an artist, pianist, baker, singer, writer, florist etc; sign up at a music school to teach children how to play the violin or piano part-time, teach salsa at a gym or school after work, and so on.
You could also trade a skill or experience such as, carpentry, bakery, catering, writing, public speaking, negotiating, organizing and so on.

Set up a business – You could set up a business that would hinder your primary job, or business.; something you can operate from your home or online after regular working hours. 

Money Market – Put your money in a high interest yielding account or in treasury bills. The interest rates may not be that high, but your investment is safe. 
There are other investment types, such as royalties, patents, real estate and so on.

There are other income streams that may not be mentioned here, however, the opportunities are endless.

Toyin Wura Oke

Celebrating Women in a Special Season

To the women with a voice;

To the ones who make a difference;

To the ones who offer their backs as steps for other women to climb;

To the ones who fight for the rights of other women;

To those that die to self, so that others can survive in a world of wolves in sheep clothing;

…Kudos, to the woman of strength!

The International Women’s Day, IWD is an annual March 8th event, which marks the movement of women’s rights. The first was held in New York on March 8th 1909.

In August 1910, during an International Women’s Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, Luise Zietz, a German Socialist, raised a motion, seconded by Clara Zetkin for the establishment of an annual International Women’s Day.

One hundred women from seventeen countries concurred, as it was for the purpose of establishing the movement for equal rights for women.

Although no date was specified at the 1910 conference, over a million people marked IWD on March 19, 1911 in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Denmark.

On the last Saturday of February 1913, the women in Russia observed their first IWD, and then in 1914, they held it on March 8; and so was it in other countries from then on.

 Photo: funkeoyinbopepper

Photo: funkeoyinbopepper

In 1917, March 8 was declared National holiday in Soviet Russia and was also celebrated in other communist countries.

China began observing IWD in 1922, and after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, March 8 was proclaimed an official holiday as well.

The United Nations joined up with the celebration in 1975,  which was the International Women’s Year, and in 1977, invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace.


 Photo: funkeoyinbopepper

Photo: funkeoyinbopepper

Choosing a Leader

Much has been said about problems of leadership and governance, especially in African Nations, but somehow more bad leaders find their ways into positions of power, both in the public and private sectors, making the political environment unattractive for sensible, sane, and capable people. Leadership positions have been put up for sale to the highest bidder, following a massive lobbying exercise, deceit, and fraud.

The issue of leadership is critical and must be considered seriously by those who want to be led aright, so that when there comes a time to choose, good, capable leaders will make it to the top. 



Ask Questions


A person cannot give what he does not have.


Edison did not set out to make a better candle, he wanted to find a whole new way to illuminate the darkness. That's the kind of vision a leader has – and there comes light!

Here, we are not told to discover light, that huge task was done already; we just need to provide electricity, which already exists, and provide enough to keep the Nation’s engines running, then, we get stuck!

Leadership is about vision, drive, commitment, values and competence; a leader must also possess the skills to actualize his vision. He leads by virtue of the power and clarity of that vision, and the currency of his values.

A Leader sees challenges in problems and seeks to fix them.

He sees goals that must be achieved. It is usually something that no one else sees, or something too tough for others tackle, but he sees the challenge, solutions, and victory. He is focused and heads for the challenge with determination. He is not a talker, but a doer.  


A person cannot give what he does not have.


Edison did not set out to make a better candle; he wanted to find a whole new way to illuminate the darkness. That's the kind of vision a leader has – and there comes light!

Here, we are not told to discover light, that huge task was done already; we just need to provide electricity, which already exists, and provide enough to keep the Nation’s engines running, then, we get stuck!

Leadership is about vision, drive, commitment, values and competence; a leader must also possess the skills to actualize his vision. He leads by virtue of the power and clarity of that vision, and the currency of his values.

A Leader sees challenges in problems and seeks to fix them.

He sees goals that must be achieved. It is usually something that no one else sees, or something too tough for others tackle, but he sees the challenge, solutions, and victory. He is focused and heads for the challenge with determination. He is not a talker, but a doer.  

For the Love of Tea I

There is a big TEA World, which would only be discovered when you open the door to that world.

Thousands of years ago, tea was discovered from a few wild leaves, today there are tea blends from all over the world and creative infusions, such that an exotic lifestyle of tea has been created for the affluent and an addiction for mankind.

Tea is cherished in different ways in various cultures, fitting into the lives of the poor and the rich.

Tea brightens mornings, refreshes afternoons, and warm nights – Hattie Ellis

There are green, black, oolong, and white teas, which are all green until processed. Others are blends that are derived by mixing teas from different countries, and infusions – teas mixed with other plants, such as chamomile, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and other herbs and fruits.

Entering the world of teas could easily be an escape from unhealthy drinks. Experiencing different blends and infusions could be quite exotic.

Unlike having a bar full of assorted alcoholic drinks, a tea connoisseur would have a chest of teas to boast of. It makes an exotic lifestyle statement or even an erotic invitation for a crazy twist …hosting becomes a ritual whereby tea discussion spurs other topics.

Far from boring, tea brewing is indeed a classy way to entertain.

Tea has enormous potentials, depending on every individual’s needs. It is an excellent accompaniment for food and has loads of health benefits. Some teas also aid metabolism and digestion, whereby promoting weight management.

Tea is simply the most famous drink in the world

Here are two tea recipes that we discovered -

Mello Soother

Fresh mint leaves + Fresh Lemon Grass + White tea +Boiling Water

Allow to brew…best after meal

Chai Masala

Black Tea + Sugar + Milk + Nutmeg + Fresh Ginger + Cloves + Cardamom pods + Cinnamon

Add Boiling water.

Weight watchers - This is a meal by itself !

(Ingredient quantities may vary according to your taste)


Get Some Good Sleep

Apart from the busy schedules and increasing pressures of life, the growing romance of the internet, social media, video games and endless TV channels have resulted in decline in number of hours for rest and sleep.            

There are many reasons to get good sleep daily.                                                                        



For Health               

Most people get less than seven hours sleep on weeknights, which is a potential reason for some health conditions.

Blood pressure and heart rate are typically at their lowest levels during sleep; people who sleep less tend to have higher blood pressure. The association between hypertension and sleep duration could explain other research findings linking lack of sleep to increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, weight gain and other problems. People who sleep well live longer. So, say goodnight sooner, and it may help you stay active and vital to a ripe old age.

For Beauty                                                                                                    

People limited to only four or five hours of sleep a night for several nights not only experience more physical ailments, such as headaches and stomach problems, but also undergo changes in metabolism similar to those occurring with normal aging. It’s no wonder we look terrible after a sleepless night. Growth hormones are rejuvenating, and the best way to keep the growth is by sleeping enough. More sleep makes your skin glow, you feel better, and look more beautiful.

Reduce Stress 

People that habitually don’t sleep enough produce higher rates of stress hormones, which puts the body in a hyper aroused state, and further makes it difficult to sleep. The inability to sleep causes more stress, which can have a devastating impact. People who don’t sleep get depressed, and depression causes insomnia, so it’s a vicious circle, says Dr. Oz.                                                                                          

Your Brain Refreshes 

When you don’t sleep enough, it affects your concentration, problem solving skills, memory and mood. Lack of sleep can have cognitive and physical effects similar to those brought on by over indulging in alcohol. The performance of someone who’s been awake for seventeen hours straight is about the same as if she had a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent (about two drinks in an hour).

Lose Weight    

Recent studies suggest that people who get inadequate amounts of sleep are more likely to gain weight. “With sleep deprivation we see a reduction of metabolism and an increase in appetite”, explains Michael Breus, Phd. Inadequate sleep lowers level s of leptin, the hormone that causes you to feel full, while increasing levels of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry.

Ref:Readers Digest  

"Go Suck a Lemon?"...Argh!


Has anyone ever told you to “Go Suck a Lemon” 

Hey, it’s not such a bad thing…

Lemons are good for you.

Lemons have many tasty applications, especially in the kitchen and behind the bar; for garnishes, tingles, culinary purposes, even beauty and first aid purposes.

 Photo: i.ndtvimg.com

Photo: i.ndtvimg.com

Lemons are essential unbelievable daily remedies; it is an antiseptic, antioxidant, and antidote for various poisons.

In the Far East, because lemons are rich in vitamin c, they are used to strengthen the immune system along with other health benefits. It is an odor neutralizer, meat tenderizer, and simple flavor for drinking water. Every bit of a lemon is essential; the bits, pulp, and peel. The peel actually contains an extraordinary amount of essential oil.

Lemons in the House

Lemons remove tough marble stains - cut it in half and dip in table salt, then, rub vigorously on the stain.

It scents and moisturizes the air - Simmer water with lemon, add cloves, cinnamon, and apple skins for additional fragrance; aroma fills the air, humidifies, and freshens.

Removes tarnish on brass, copper, or stainless steel - Make a paste of lemon juice and salt, apply on affected surface, leave for five minutes, wash in warm water, rinse and polish with a soft dry cloth. For chrome; simply polish with lemon rind, rinse, and buff! 

Lemons in the kitchen

Let your grains dance. Add a spoonful of lemon juice to boiling rice and avoid stick ‘gooey’ rice. You could do the same to potatoes to keep it from turning brown while cooking.

No baking Soda? Baking soda freshens your refrigerator, so do lemons. Remove smelly stuff, soak lemon juice in a sponge or cotton wool, and leave it in the fridge for a few hours.

Keep flies and insects away - Mop your floors with concentrated lemon solution; for specific areas, squirt lemon juice on the surface and into any suspicious holes and cracks where ants and roaches hang out.

For soggy lettuce - soak it in lemon solution and refrigerate for about an hour.

When ugly smell oozes out of your sink drain, grate some lemon finely and send them down the drain.

Lemons in the Laundry

Soak your delicates in a solution of lemon and baking soda for about half an hour, to bleach and mildly remove stains; wash, and rinse.

Wash your cloths with lemon juice to whiten, and leave them smelling fresh. It also works for unsightly underarm stains on your shirt!

Lemons for beauty and health

Apply lemon juice to spots and leave for fifteen minutes before washing your face; do this consistently and watch those spots fade away.

It also works for acne! Lemon juice is known to be a safe skin lightening agent.

When you run out of mouthwash, freshen your breath with lemon juice; swallow it for longer lasting freshness.

For flaky itchy scalp, massage enough lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with mild lemon solution. Repeat daily before running off to buy dandruff shampoo.

Apply lemon juice directly on cuts and scrapes to disinfect and stop bleeding.

You could apply the juice with a cotton pad and hold firmly unto the cut.


Lemons are great; maybe one of the best things that happened to mankind.



True Education

 Photo: dreamstime.com

Photo: dreamstime.com

The Entire object of true education is to make people -


  • Not merely do the right things but enjoy them
  • Not merely industrious, but to love industry
  • Not merely pure, but to love purity
  • Not merely learned but to love education
  • Not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice 

- John Ruskin

If we have knowledge let others light their candles at it.



Connect The Dots

In kindergarten we used to enjoy connecting the dots puzzles. There were dots everywhere, numbered from one to one hundred; we’d begin drawing the line…one, two, three…ninety nine, one hundred, wooo…it’s Santa! I did not know that was Santa when I began the puzzle.

This is the way I see life, sometimes we do not see the big picture when we begin the journey, and may not see it at all at the eleventh hour, until the dots are all linked. Imagine we missed a few dots and did not connect them…I guess it would not be Santa in the end. Well, it may be him, but without his eyes, or legs, or something. So, what is a dream or vision, or picture without the complete parts, or components? Occasionally, we need other people to participate in joining some portions of the puzzle.

Most times team members do not understand the importance of dots being connected, the ‘little’ things that must be done, and done well, on time, and consistently.

Connecting the dots is simply making sure that processes that begin, end; things that we start, we finish, such that we do not skip essential steps.  

Some parts of your journey to the big picture may seem unnecessary, and appear like a waste of time, but we must not be ‘penny wise, pound foolish’.


We have missed our dedicated readers and we are so excited to connect again. We are back to complement and enrich your information and learning interests.

Our choice to reach you via our website and mobile application, is to ensure we stay together remotely across the globe; hoping that it is a better experience than our previous print version.

We want to reach you wherever you are, and look forward to your feedback, so we can learn and share from you as well.

Toyin Wura Oke