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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Improving Your Sales Tactics

I read a simple book on building a business by Caspian Woods, that opened my understanding to many issues on business. It explains that most people do not buy things the first time they hear of it (except of course spontaneous shoppers).

I tell my clients that it is important for their businesses to always be in the consumer’s face as many times as possible, so that there is a constant reminder of their brand. I also say that marketing is about being focused and ‘pounding’ on your selling points until you are able to win your customer.

Photo: associacaoamigosdagrandeidade

Photo: associacaoamigosdagrandeidade

Definitely, being aggressive will not work most times, but, being assertive, and gently tactfully keeping up with your marketing pitch. I tell my staff not be disappointed or feel rejected when turned down but get up and ‘pound’ again. 

Awareness is what you create the first time your product is heard of. The second time, you create interest; and he third time you create a desire for your product, and by the forth time, customers take action.

In a nutshell, most sales come after the forth contact with your prospect.

"It is not over until the fat lady sings."

It is over when you get a sale commitment.

Take your sales process through, so that you don't terminate the prospective transaction by giving up prematurely. Ensure that you follow up on every prospect.


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