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Dec 18


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Toyin Wura Oke


Re: Weight Loss Mind Workout - My Experience

Ms. Faith Nte wrote a brilliant piece titled 'Weight Loss Mind Workout'; I posted a comment in response, and thought a full version to express my experience on the subject is necessary. (link below).

The Weight Loss Mind Work Out


Dear Faith, I feel you. Happiness is from within. We must be happy in our skin, when we are not, we must do something about it. Everyone has the will to do as they desire; Will Power must be exercised most times during our life's journey. 

I have my experience from weight loss. I realized that the pounds had to go when my knees began to hurt when climbing the stairs. I knew I had to get fit.

I was fine with my looks and didn't care, but my health wasn't having it. 

Then, I began; first was a research, because all the different weight loss advice and products didn't help. I needed to understand the 'technology' of weight loss. 

Girl, did I get information! 

Everything I did before would never have worked; I will briefly share some of my discoveries.

Firstly, Weight Loss is a decision and would not work when there is no determination and discipline.



It is a new life, and new ways must be adopted to keep the weight off.

The sliming teas and diet plan will only assist to make weight loss easier; however the individual has the most part to play.

For People that have decided to lose weight...Can you try out a new lifestyle?

Would you begin with a 3-month hard reset - Just for a quick and drastic drop...and then go easy after.

This is a kickstart only for the 'desperate to lose weight'

  • Let's begin with the health of your colon - disease begins when your colon is dis-eased, and you may not know it. The colon carries some of the fiercest junk and decayed left overs from weeks and months of residue ingested food. We need to clean out those pipes regularly, and I suggest best before a weight loss regime. There are many colon cleaners available over the counter at drug stores. follow instructions or ask your doctor.  
  • Take junk out of your refrigerator, because you will only eat what you have.
  • Go for fresh healthier grocery
  • Zero carbs! No rice, no potatoes, no pasta etc
  • No sugar - (sugar has huge calories and It is an enemy of youthful skin)
  • No Alcohol
  • No sodas or packaged drinks
  • Warm water with a slice of lemon to start and end the day 
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily.


  • Take small bites and chew as much as you can, like 30-50 times or more. As for our 'swallow' meals in Africa; garri, semovita, tuwo and so on; hmm, our teeth were made to chew and breakdown food well enough, before the intestines take over the process of digestion; but in this case we don't chew before we swallow. The intestines have to work hard to break-down the food, causing the tummy to protrude, till the job gets done over a longer period, then, a pot belly emerges with a constant repeat of this exercise..  

I guess we can't eliminate 'swallow' in our part of the world, but we may give the intestines less work to do, by taking smaller bits rather than large lumps. We should also try to chew it just a little bit before swallowing.

  • Put down your cutlery after each mouth full 
  • Do not swallow until your food is in liquid form
  • Try to eat your meal in half an hour, not 'vacuum' it, the way I used to. I could it so quickly and on the go. I used to think eating was such a waste of time.
  • Eat nothing raw (salads, fruits etc) after 4pm. They don't digest quickly, and will only ferment and bloat up your tummy with gases. 
  • At least 15-30mins of exercise daily - walking or dancing is great. Dancing works for me when you can't go outdoors - I walked 1hr daily/7days/2years - then dropped to 1hr daily/6day/1year - then 1hr daily/5days - it became a habit and my quiet, getaway time. I looked forward to it; I missed it when I had to travel and I'll dance instead. 
  • Stop eating when you are full. You don't have to empty your plate
  • Eat very Light dinner - avoid snacking; if you must; try unsweetened yoghurt or dried fruits and nuts (not peanut, macadamia or other very oily nuts ) almonds, cashews and pistachios are good. 
  • Last meal 3-4 hrs before bedtime. Everyone's bedtime is different. 6pm myth is unrealistic for most people, especially, nocturnal people. 
  • May I add that I discovered some Anti-aging foods. 


Walnut and most other nuts

Brightly colored fruits and veggies, such as red bell peppers, spinach, sweet potato, mangoes, paw paw, kiwi, pomegranates and all berries. 

Avocado, tomatoes, stevia - sugar substitutes, oatmeal, sesame and pumpkin seeds, and Green tea


Stay out of the sun

Smoking ages you

Exercise a little daily

Reduce stress

Sugar ages you rapidly.

These worked for me and other desperate people like me. I hope you are desperate enough to dare! 

Looks like keeping the weight off must come with a constant reminder, or shall I call it awareness.



I dropped from a sixteen to ten-twelve in two years. Take your time and make it a lifestyle. After the hard reset, you can cheat once in a while, but you know you must burn the calories you acquired right after that. 

There is no magic to weight loss. It is an effort like other ventures we dare!

Let's give it a shot.

Toyin Wura Oke

Publisher, The Street Hawker

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