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Dec 18


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Explore | Nigeria

Explore | Nigeria


Gahwang and Yembe Fall Columnar Basalts in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Columnar Basalts are polygonal natural basalt rock formations. These columns are various shapes and sizes made up of mostly of five sides or more, and maybe be several metres high. They are the result of cooling and cracking of thick basaltic lava flow.

Image: akamaiuniversity

Image: akamaiuniversity

These rocks are in various parts of the world including the famous Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Othello, Washington, USA, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, USA, in Nigeria, there are the The Gahwang and Yembe Columnar Basalts, in Plateau State, The Ikom columnar basalt, Ikom– Mamfe basin, Cross River State, Kavadia Mountain, Dewas India more in other parts of the world.

There are also columnar basalt rocks (though not as spectacular as the ones in Gahwang) at the foot of Yembe fall, Nkiendonwro, located about 14 kilometers from Kent Academy, Miango, in Plateau State as well. The fall is about 10 metres drop and flows on the rocks.


Afi Mountain Drill Ranch & Wildlife Santuary

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best protected wildlife habitations in Nigeria, and for drills in the world today. It is also listed as an ‘Important Bird Area’ for Nigeria.

It is located at Boje Boki, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, established by the Cross River State Government in 2000, Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and the Afi Forest Reserve are one of the largest forest blocks left in Cross River State. It comprises about 100km² of lowland forest and rocky peaks up to 1,300m altitude.

Image: theroadchoseme

Image: theroadchoseme

It is home to a good population of Some of the most endangered species in the world of primates – gorillas (‘gorilla dienli’), chimpanzees, drills*, and the grey-necked rockfowl.

Image: guardianng

Image: guardianng

Other Attractions at the Sanctuary are - many walkways including the long Kache Bano canopy walkway, day hikes and treks, a dip in the pools and waterfalls of the Bano River, outpouring from the mountain, and a taste of excellent palm wine at nearby Buanchor and Katabang villages (when it is in season). Bird-watchers will also have a fill, as the migratory swallow roost at Boje is one of the largest in Africa.

Image: acanuckamuck

Image: acanuckamuck

There are fully screened (open to air) cabins over the largest drill enclosure, with private decks and mountain view.

Unfortunately, in July 2012 the Kache Bano Canopy Walkaway was heavily damaged by a massive mud and landslide down the Bano stream drainage.  A few of the spans have now been restored.  The clear swimming pools and cascades of the Bano upstream from the walkway were filled with debris.  This natural disaster is a real tragedy and we have lost some of the loveliest natural features of the greater Drill Ranch area.  However, the Bano stream is beginning to stabilize and there are some small pools once again available for a refreshing dip.  It is interesting to see how the landscape is beginning to settle and vegetation recolonize but it will never look the same again our lifetimes! - www.pandrillus.org

*Afi is the only place in the world to see natural-sized captive drill groups in natural habitat

Image: brendansadventures

Image: brendansadventures


Contact: +234 803 592-1262




Obudu Ranch & Resort

Otalga, the Obudu Plateau is 1,716 metre above sea level. It was established as a cattle ranch in 1951 by M. McCaughley, Hugh Jones, Dr. Crawfield, though McCaughley was first to explore the ranch in 1949. The resort is located north of Cross River State, in Obaniku Local Government Area. About 332 kilometres away from Calabar, the capital city; Obudu ranch is 11 km from the bottom hill with 22 bends meandering uphill.

The ranch enjoys a climate typical of the temperate regions of the world, between 26 - 32 degree centigrade (Between November and January); while the lowest temperature ranges of 4 -10 degree centigrade is recorded between June and September.

Calabar 5 267.jpg

The Bebi Airstrip spares the long drive of about five hours from Calabar to the ranch. The runway of the airstrip is being extended to two kilometres, to accommodate small jets with Instrument Landing System and there are shuttle buses to the ranch; though there is currently no commercial flights.

The local people of Obudu are of Becheve tribe and the local language is Icheve. There are six villages around the ranch with a population of more than 9,000. The primary school at Obudu was built in 1954, and the ranch and resort is providing employment opportunities for the local people.

There are different types of lodging and facilities on the ranch such as; Deluxe Rooms, African Theme Huts, Log Cabins, and the presidential villa and other chalets. There are also Conference hall, Restaurant, Education Centre, Library, and other facilities.

Calabar 5 003.jpg

The Ranch has street lighting, road networks, and foot paths. It has served as venue for various events, meetings, conferences, picnics, honeymooners etc.

There is a Water Park & Temperature Controlled Swimming pools are at the bottom of the hill, The Cable Cars, which cover a distance of eleven kilometres (about 4000 metres length), and 15 minutes ride from the top to the bottom of the ranch, and The Grotto, a gentle rapid and natural lounging pool.

Calabar 5 292.jpg
Calabar 5 310.jpg
Images: thestreethawker

Images: thestreethawker

On the ranch is, Becheve Nature Reserve is the home of ferns, birds, monkeys and the 60 metre (20.5 metres above the forest floor) canopy walkway.

Image: The Street Hawker

Image: The Street Hawker

Obudu is indeed a fantastic retreat/holiday spot worth exploring. 

The Street Hawker 2007 Archive


Kajuru Castle Resort

Burg Heinrichswalde, was built in 1985 – 1989 in early medieval style by Gerhard Huebner, an eccentric and visionary german businessman; now called Kajuru Castle. It is located Kajuru village in Kaduna State on high peaks with lovely views.

Photo Credit: Faruk Abdullahi

Photo Credit: Faruk Abdullahi

Kajuru castle is built with metre thick granite awesome architecture and engineering, with turrets, armoury, dungeon, baronial hall, complete with suits of armour!  

The resort can board about 12 individuals or 5 couples at a time. The facility provides self catering options, swimming pool, finnish sauna, barbecue and sit out area.

It is worth a trip.

Bookings +234 815 644 0144

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

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